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Thread: Sorted out my surviving collection

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    Sorted out my surviving collection

    I am quite pleasantly surprised.

    I finished sorting through the pots, bags, and trays that used to contain my collection. Except for the ones that were sealed in ziploc bags or small plastic trays (most sealed plastic containers had incidental UV light destroy their integrity). A few of those that were still intact had things alive inside. Many had living Sphagnum mosses, others just contained various living molds/fungi. A few had living CP --> [i]Cephalotus[/], Dionaea, Drosera, and Pinguicula. I find it most curious that all of the CP surviving in sealed containers were located beneath the only bank of lights that had completely failed during the nearly two years I was unable to attend them. The most curious survivors are a pair of extremely etiolated seedling Drosera 'Emerald's Envy', and another is a pair of four inch long x 1/16" diameter (Pinguicula (A.L. #14) x Pinguicula gypsicola). It will be difficult to nurse these plants back into health, but I am determined to give it my best try.
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    Good luck.. Hope the gypsi pulls through. Definately one of my favorites!

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    Oh wow, good luck!!

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    It is simply amazing how resilient life can be even under marginal conditions. There are plenty of anecdotal stories of people cleaning up their greenhouses and finding stuff they thought was long dead or gone in forgotten corners or shelves.

    Or you can be walking on a sea of concrete or asphalt and at every crack or fissure will be plants of some sort, ants or other soil insects. The power of nature is overwhelming...

    It might be better to try to start over with cuttings or pullings.

    D. 'Emerald's Envy' is one beautiful plant and doesn't seem to be in many collections.
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