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Thread: 2 55 gallon terrariums

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    2 55 gallon terrariums

    I bought two used 55 gallon tanks from a man 45 mile away. I usually will not pay more than .50 a gallon for used tank, but the are going for the price of gold around here. Well I expected to get two dirty, scratched up tanks, but these tanks are pristine. There is not a scratch on them. One of them came with a cabinet base! I am so pleased with these tanks. They are so big. I believe that I can now order a couple nepenthes! He had a ten gallon that he will throw in when I go back for the second tank (to much for the minivan) and I am going to raise food for my babies in it. I am having so much fun just getting set up again Tomorrow I will set up my rain water collectors again. I will collect what I can before the freeze. I can not wait until the plants and seeds that I ordered get here! I will also start making batches of soil mixtures tomorrow.
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    Sounds like a good reintroduction to me!

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