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Thread: Art is Fun (Especially with N. villosa)

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    Bill, those are amazing!

    I couldn't do that if my life depended on it!
    Me neither! I flunked finger painting in kindergarden!

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    Oh wow--thanks for that Wildbill! My teacher often tells us to use many of those same tricks. My favorite method is to turn the painting upside down and look at it. Still, as you noticed, I often have trouble trying to make my art really look three dimensional. Shadows and angles are tough business, but I always enjoy getting new advice about how to make myself a better artist.

    Right now I'm working on this oil painting in class of an old coal mine with three trucks, and it is the most difficult thing I've ever attempted. I'm sure when I'm done they will still be things I could have done better, but it's the challenge to become better that really makes art fun anyway.

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    OK. As promised, here is some of my older stuff. I don't have any pictures of my most recent stuff, but this is all from the last two years or so.

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    Here's another helpful trick one of my illustration teachers way back when taught me. Get some toys or make from clay/sculpey little rough models of your subjects and paint them white. ie: three trucks and some train track for the coal mine Try different lighting. That way you can a much better idea of how the actual shadows and lighting falls and will make a much much better painting/illustration. For that S. leuco painting, I'd actually made a wasp from styrofoam and pipe cleaners to use as a reference.

    "If you try to make it up, it will look made up"

    Keep up the great work!!


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