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Thread: Its Bunny Time! =]

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    "Obama is widely respected (though not by everyone) and he's part black and part white"

    @racooncity lmfao. so are puerto ricans, im not gunna name my rabbit jose tho. (first thought that came to my head haha).

    @jimscott Best Movie EVAR!

    @rattler ?

    @chibae thats actually a really good one.

    @wolfn i named one of my dogs spike once (in hopes he'd be tough: gsd, g-retriever, collie mix) poodle beats him up. since then i havent been into names like that. actually...i tend to give me animals human names.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! My gf has picked Ella...not what i would have chosen (reminds me too much of the twilight girl bella) but then again, im not gunna argue lol. I was thinking Annabelle but that got shot down in an instant lol.
    Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

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    hassenpfeffer is a German rabbit stew......sorry just eaten more than a few rabbits over the years.....
    cervid serial killer
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    I didn't get stimulated but he kept his promise on change, that's about all I got left!

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