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Thread: Cheech & Chong animated movie

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    Cheech & Chong animated movie

    If you are a old fan of Cheech & Chong's hippy sketch comedy you will probably dig this, someone is making an animated movie.

    Though if you are a fan you will also realize that for the most part it's just the audio from the old LPs put to some smooth animation. Based on the trailer I think it will be more like the Shorties Watchin' Shorties animated stand up series than an actual movie.

    I heard all these skits as a kid and I still have the vinyls lurking in my collection (haven't played them in years) but I think it'll be a lot of fun to see them animated.

    I didn't see their reunion movie from a year or two ago. I looked at the box at the store but it just looked... meh. Did anyone see it?
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    I like Cheech & Chong, though I haven't seen/heard all of their classics, so I'm looking forward to their animated movie. Their reunion movie was called "Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This". I haven't see it yet, but I found in online: It was released on 4/20/2010. If you know anything about Cheech & Chong, that date will be easy to remember.

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    I can't see this because it's blocked at work. Is it like, "Up In Smoke"?

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