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Thread: Perlite at Home Depot

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyr View Post
    Check the smaller local garden centers. I buy Hoffmans locally. I do NOT like Miracle grow stuff because they add ferts or moisture control crap to their stuff.

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    It's not needed. Peat moss and Perlite is all you need. I prefer peat moss over vermiculite for moisture retention.
    OH.. ok.. I thought there was something wrong in general with vermiculite and you hated it for everything.. I like it for starting flower seeds (mixed 50/50 with peat moss).
    And I agree with what you said about the miracle-gro mixes... i hate that stuff

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    haaaa le lu ya.

    I also have a OSH near me, i'll check the out. Thank you very much!!!

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    Vermiculite is useful for mexi pings though.

    It's pretty standard when making an entirely inorganic mix.
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