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Thread: Big Island trip to see the Volcano and Sam (pics warning!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cain View Post
    Thanks for sharing, really beautiful pictures
    You're welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Exo View Post!

    Quote Originally Posted by seedjar View Post
    Great pics. I've been meaning to visit for a long time - my godfather works at one of the telescopes. But I only recently learned that it's such a hotbed of Nepenthes growers. Makes a lot of sense. I know where I'm retiring.
    Oh cool! I'm right there with you on retiring in paradise for sure..

    Quote Originally Posted by amphirion View Post


    Quote Originally Posted by awgaupp View Post
    Ok, THAT IS IT! I'm officially extremely jealous of you, first ABG then THIS?!
    Oh well, at least I get to go to ABG in July.
    I'd be jealous of me too I need to have a mission in life outside of work, and right now it's visiting as many botanical gardens and otherwise greenhouses as I can find. And a lot of people just don't know what's in their back yard - I had to travel far and wide to get to these places!

    Quote Originally Posted by rball0406 View Post
    like the big island isnt a tourist attraction enough......guess this is where im going come spring.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soopaman View Post
    Dude, that's awesome. I am extremely jealous of you getting to see all those awesome plants. I hope I have a place with a greenhouse to rival that one day.
    I think we all do

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    Fabulous pix of fabulous plants. loved the volcana too

    BTW if I had pitchers that large I would have to get a new hobby growing pinky mice to feed to them.LOL
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    Every small plant doesn't reach maturity.

    Who needs speelcheck?

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    I traded Neps with Sam a number of years ago - I wonder where they are in all that jungle! LOL

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    Nice car! Glad I don't have dial-up!

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