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Thread: Some Photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven01000 View Post

    You are surrounded by so much beauty! These pictures have sealed my fate: now I absolutely have to visit Alaska at least once in my lifetime. I don't want you to get into any wrecks, but you definitely have to share more pics with us in the future!
    Alaska is a big big place, there's a lot to see. I haven't even actually seen barely any of the state, myself. I'll definitely share some more pictures! I have loads, and there's always something to take pictures of.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    LOL! One could also stop the car and take pictures....
    That doesn't make any sense. Why do something standing still safely when you could be doing it at fifty miles an hour?

    Quote Originally Posted by eou812 View Post
    Actually i like both of those pics the ones that you said which one is better who can say well i like both anout the same.
    Lol, it was a rhetorical question, but thanks for the input, I like both of them just as well too.

    Quote Originally Posted by ellisonk001 View Post
    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
    No problem, thanks for looking.

    Quote Originally Posted by MH1 View Post
    Where these taken in Autumn? Hahaha they probably were! For a second I was thinking "isn't it supposed to be ridiculously cold in Alaska?"! Amazing photos and a beautiful place! I love all the cool little hills around the lake :s are they drumlins or something glacier made, or maybe neither?
    Actually these pictures were taken at varying times throughout the year, most of them in early spring or Summer, actually. I live in the southernmost portion of Alaska, so we're actually at a lower degree of latitude then most of the United Kingdom.

    The "hills" are glacially shaped, yes, but they are also primarily created by the Pacific plate grinding up against the North American plate, some of these islands are geologically distant, and have "traveled" from near the equator.

    The "lake" is also actually the Pacific Ocean.
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    Just checked google maps! Ha, never knew Alaska went that far south... I always thought it just jutted out from Canada and nearly bridged with Russia... well, I've learnt something new! If you are on the far far far part of Alaska, we are practically on the same latitude! Well, that was unexpected ! What did we do before google maps?

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