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Thread: Computer Help

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    Computer Help

    From only the computer at work, and right after our IT guy fixed an IE issue, I can no longer see pictures in my drafts folder. It says that it's saved but when I go back in after exiting, the changes didn't take place. I can no longer reply to a Facebook post on Email, though I can do so at home. It says that it's 'loading' but it never gets done loading. Obviously, some setting on the work pc is screwing things up but I can't figure out what it is.

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    I would contact the IT guy to fix what he broke while fixing the previous issue. Could be any number of things really. Not sure how your mature the security at your workplace is, but odds are you don't have the necessary permission to fix the issue on your computer to begin with.

    Are you allowed to do such things at work? He may have been configuring content filtering although most solutions are done further upstream at the router.

    There are many things that get filtered at my workplace. Aside from the normal ones, things like social media, image sharing, streaming video, etc are all blocked. Which sucks for the streaming video sometimes when you want to watch work related feeds.
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