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Thread: help with my medium

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    help with my medium

    hey everyone im using kiwi sphagnum moss it is newzeland stuff im mixing it with perlite and i keep getting this white fungas stuff i want the medium for my venus fly traps how can i improve this the white fungus stuff is annoying i also tried it with bird of paradise yet "the white stuff" still come any advise this stuff is really stringy soo
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    So, you have a fungus phobia? Hearten up, all is not lost.

    Fungus and mold are everywhere, they are not usually pathogenic. Actually most of them are beneficial in their own niche.
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    Dried Sphagnum moss has a tendency to spawn a white fuzz when rehydrated. It usually goes away on its own after a week or two. Typically with no ill effects.
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