2002 is the year when one of the greatest scifi shows of all time premiered and after only a few episodes was sadly canceled. 3 years later the fans rallied and comvineced universal to make a movie out of the beloved series naming the movie after the ship the crew called home, Serenity. Thanks to the fans efforts this movie got made. Now here we are in 2011 and the Browncoats(firefly fans) are at it once more with the announcement that The Science Channel will be airing the series starting on March 6th at 8pm(watch or DVR please). The fans are all coming together pledging their own money to help buy the rights from Fox and to make the show! Almost 80,000 fans have pleadged their support on http://www.facebook.com/HelpNathanBuyFF?m2w

So to fellow Browncoats let's show them how mighty we really are!
For those who know nothing of the show you can check it out on Netflix and Hulu!