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Thread: More Ebay Trouble?

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    I dont think the thread should be deleted, but it could probably be locked, since there is really nothing left to discuss..I think it should be locked, but not deleted, so it can be trotted out as an example that "we talked about it before, and the questions about this guy were totally resolved" when the subject comes up again in the future..which it will!


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    Yeah, I'm locking it. What the heck, Pyro, why are you going around bumping week-old threads and stirring up all the drama llama poo?

    (No but really, the reason why is because I had posted a link in the Mod forum saying keep an eye on this thread. There were no follow-up replies because you all had done as I asked and just left it alone. Pyro probably just didn't realize that it had been so long since the thread was active. Anyway, thanks guys, for keeping it clean! )

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