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Thread: National Guard

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    HAHA yea pencil pusher seams more .... Reasonable, but idk how that would work for me, im a very active person and would be more suited for more physical work.... My whole family on my dads side was in army and marines back to ww1, he told me never to join or he would kick my ***. haha but idc hes never been in the picture in terms of a father, never really listened to him before, not going to start now.

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    if money is a major concern the oil and natural gas fields are booming in Montana, North Dakota and Wyomings gearing up to hit it big this year......might not be what yah want to do for life but starting wage for water truck drivers is around $19 and hour and goes up from there......likely put a huge dent in your student loans and keep yah living comfortably till something in your chosen field opens up....
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