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Thread: Fish that you can put in your water trays?

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    While I don't quite agree with rattler's philosophical perspective, I think there's definitely some practical wisdom to it. These are not rare or fragile creatures - they multiply by the dozens and their populations can go from 7000 to 120,000 in a matter of months. Animals that breed this fast do so because they're meant to live in environments where most of their young might be picked off by predators or die as a result of harsh conditions. We're not talking about bison or redwoods here.
    I think it would be prudent to attempt to maximize the chance of success before bringing the fish in - I don't think there's much merit in naive or unprepared experimentation - but the loss of a few small fish that are vigorously invasive pests in other parts of the world is not so worrisome. It's not making a dent in their endemic populations so ultimately it's neither hurting the environment as a whole nor is it really subjecting the individuals to any sort of unusual cruelty. My biggest hesitation comes from the possibility that they may escape into the wild and disrupt other critters that occupy a similar niche, as they've already been known to do.
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    @eou-The other thing that you might do is to look at that areas where you might find some native CP and see if there are any fish found in the bogs there. I think that both the Least Killifish and the Gambusia sp. are found in your neck of the woods.

    I would think that if you can keep at least three inches of standing water and that the water does not get to hot you should be able to keep some fish in your bog gardens. If you do decied to try keep everyone posted.

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    Thes fish appear to be canabalistic
    Abut 4 yrs ago I put six in a large hexagonal terrerium in a shady spot of my grow area
    I was surprised after 3 years that there were at least 2 alive and at least 1 this year
    They seem to have a habit of eating their youngThe only aereation they get is when I spray some water into the container
    I think it would take a lot of fish poop to alter the ph
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