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Thread: New glass & fern, CPs and dinner!

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    This is one guy's explanation on his website where he sells it:

    "I have added this plant as an unusual clone because of the history it was given. This plant was seed grown from a mother plant originating in the Emu point region of southern Australia. It has been said the parent plant produced pitchers as large as three inches. Since this has been seed grown, there in no way to emphatically state this plant will grow up to be a giant also. I will keep this plant updated in a set of images to let you know how it does.

    I have since learned from the person I received the plant from, that the pitchers on the seed grown plants get to about 2.5 inches tall."

    It appears to be mostly green with red teeth and a red lid from the pics on his site, but that may be just the lighting.

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    OK, so it's a location name then. I'd found the location on Google Maps and had assumed that it must be named after there, especially as it's in Albany.

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