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Thread: Spring update D:

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    Spring update D:

    Hello everyone, figured I'd pop in and post a small update from the Mediterranean now that we're finally having some nice spring weather.

    I'm happy to say that nearly all my CPs made it through their first winter and are slowly waking up I did lose one Sarracenia, but considering it is my first time overwintering CPs (well, plants in general i suppose you could say xd) I guess it was to be expected. Found some greyish mold covering the growth points even though I kept everything on the dry side. Roots seemed healthy but the rhizome was brown and dried up as were all of the pitchers so I sacked it.

    Also thanks to a generous forum member I acquired some Drosera seeds so my collection is slowly expanding (thanks again Christian!)

    Here's a few shots of some of the babies

    My first ever Sarracenia flower bud!

    A new VFT I picked up the other day, the jagged petioles looked interesting, hopefully it keeps that trait as it matures, i like it.

    My VFT from last year waking up >.< Any idea on what the pests are and how to treat it?

    And for the lolz, a deformed Nephentes 'Rebecca Soper' pitcher. I love the little dude

    So much from me for now, have some repotting and stuff to do (5 basals on my ventrata among other things xD) I'll be sure to post an update after I repot everything and things put on some size

    Happy growing!

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    Great shot of the Nepenthes!

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