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Thread: I rearranged stuff.. not done yet, but looking better

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    very nice. sunset and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mass View Post
    What a view.. Everything looks wonderful. From the neighborhood to the plants!! Your doing a great job Zu!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nepenthes101 View Post
    By the middle of this season when all of my neps perk up, I'll be sure to take you some very nice greenhouse shots. Most of what I have in my greenhouse at the moment are either newly rooted cuttings that I rooted or are plants that I only had for like a couple to few months. Plus plants that just recently recovered and are full of basals, like my Spectabilis x Veitchii H/L for example. That plant has 5 basals at its base and a couple at the top. No good pitchers on him yet,LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by seedjar View Post
    Love that staghorn fern! Is it from the nursery that mounts most of their plants on a square board with cut-off corners like that? I saw a picture of one on their website that had entirely engulfed a board almost four feet across with fresh green grasping leaves.
    Nope, home-depot issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Taliesin-DS View Post
    Looking good but a bit empty imho
    OMG .... yeah it needs what, like 100 more plants?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    Great looking flowers! LOL! Nice looking fingers as well!

    Quote Originally Posted by zlookup View Post
    very nice. sunset and all.
    It's very peaceful indeed

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