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Thread: Opinion on LED's

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    is going to be the next big lighting step in the grow world.
    The size of a kernel of corn, with the intesity of a small sun.
    The "bulb' is suspended in a magnetic induction chamber.
    The temp of the bulb can reach around 1000* F I believe ( it was a ridiculous number), but the outer unit can be handled. I will try to find that link on my other home site and post it here. Very interesting development in indoor plant lighting.
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    I dunno...

    Ive looked into those a little, and they are interesting. However, the heat generation is a major inefficiency (electromagnetic radiation in non usable wavelengths) ...

    The ideal light would generate no heat

    (The main benefit of LED's BTW, less efficiency losses due to heat... their output goes down with a rise in delta T)

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    Organic LEDs are a possibility and the can come as a thin flexible film taking up almost no headroom and are ideal for space lighting. Imagine if the walls of your tropical tank could just light up.
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    Thanks for the help. It seems like LED is too much of a headache and not worth the hassle but hopefully someday they will come out with something that will work. For now I'll stick to the T-5. Thanks!

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