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Thread: Plant weirdness?

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    Plant weirdness?

    So, today when I was outside I noticed two things that were different:

    My S.Leah had 'colored' up to become white...
    s.leah colored up

    s.leah wilkerson in its glory

    And my S.Rubra ssp alabamensis flower had straightened out itself..
    s. rubra ssp alabamensis spiked up

    s. rubra ssp alabamensis flower

    Any Idea why for these two?

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    Just normal development.

    S. moorei is S. flava x leucophylla (the later normally has white between the veins on the hood).

    Sarracenia flowers "nod" upwards like that around the time the petals drop off. Usually this happens after pollination but can happen even if the flower was not pollinated.
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