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Thread: Other Hobbies, "Make Mine a "Batwing"

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    Aside from CPs:
    General gardening (veggies and flowers)
    Sewing (though it hasn't been so much of a hobby since I started doing it for a living ^_^;; )
    Dice (playing and collecting)
    Video games
    Those are my main ones. I also enjoy cosplay, soap making, and paintball but I haven't had any time for them for over a year.

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    I build lasers, not many so far due to it being quite an expensive hobby, but hobby still.
    I also love to tinker with computers and play with Linux.
    Since I was a kid i loved chemistry and especially pyro-chemistry. At some point I was really into rocketry but haven't done much lately.
    I am also addicted to listening books on tape (Hard SciFi, Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds and others)
    Love watching Anime

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