Ok so i have all of my tropical carnivorous plant species outside. Which include: Cephalotus, Drosera, Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Utrics, and Pings. I have them in a greenhouse frame (no greenhouse plastic over it) i just have them there for some where to put them but also to grow them. But in the Spring they were doing fine and getting the sun they needed but i should have known but i have it near some trees and the branches and leaves shade the greenhouse the entire day except for two or three hours. So i figure that will be causing problems since carnivorous plants get most of their energy form the sun. So three hours of direct sunlight a day isn't going to cut it correct? So i decided maybe if you guys think it is ok to move them next to my North American carnivorous plants (out in a pasture that is sunny all day that has no trees). If i could do it i could shade them with a 30% black shade cloth i bought. Would this work? Maybe move some of the less tolerant sun loving ones like Drosera adelae, and Nepenthes behind the shadows of my tall Sarracenia or tall pots?. Do you recommend doing this? If not what are the reasons i need to know because i might can fix it and if so is there anything you would like to add to it to make anything better? I would also move them back to where i had them in the Fall and put the greenhouse plastic back on. Also if i can do this when i move them back to the greenhouse in the fall they would get the sunlight they were getting before which was great because there were no leaves blocking the sunlight. Thanks