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Thread: Young N. Jamban

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    Young N. Jamban

    Its easy to find pictures of stunning mature Nepenthes with beautiful upper pitchers. Lets face it, while we all strive to grow plants like that, most of us have young plants that are years away from producing upper pitchers.

    What about Nepenthes the size you can expect to receive from one of the many online retailers? Here's some pictures of my young N. Jamban I received in early November. I love this species because, even as a small plant, it produces those distinctive pitchers that attract interest in this species.

    I invite you to share your pictures of young Nepenthes so others can see what they can expect when they purchase Nepenthes.

    N. Jamban the day I received it (11-04-10)

    The first 2 pitchers my N. Jamban produced looked like this.

    After those first 2, it started putting out pitchers similar to the mature pitchers everyone is after.

    Pitcher that just opened today

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    it's been done
    jamban in particular.
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