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Thread: Looking for plant person ...

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    Looking for plant person ...

    I'm not looking for one - but Bob Hanrahan is (the guy with the CP plantation - where Adrian Slack originated, etc).

    I have not seen anyone discussing this (maybe I just missed it?) - but he posted an ad on the CP listserver for a possible full time person to live at his CP plantation & work there....

    After a little internal debate - I'm going to copy his post from the listserver & post it below. If the mods feel that this is inappropriate - feel free to delete.....
    Fellow CP Growers,

    The time has come for me to realize that I may need a full time Grower/

    Manager for the Carnivorous Plantation in Baldwin County Alabama. I

    am considering combining our Georgia activities with a new carnivorous

    plant related business that would require additional help to sustain on

    the 40 acre semi-rural parcel throughout the year.

    Salary would be competitive and living quarters would be provided (although

    modest and not a trailer) on site. Where else can you sleep within 50 feet

    of a CP field and smell that magical aroma from S. flava’s in bloom (ha ha).

    Just kidding on the smell but not the distance to the plants.

    Qualifications would include experience in raising Dionaea, Drosera, and

    Sarracenia from seed as well as maintaining a limited number of greenhouse

    based potted plants for nursery sales. College experience in OH (Ornamental

    Horticulture) or botany with a B.S. degree is preferred, but is not required.

    This could be a very engaging opportunity for the right person who would like

    to devote their livelihood to working with CP on a full time basis on what is

    considered one of the largest (if not the largest) CP collections based on the total

    number of plants in the United States. It is the home of the famous Sarracenia

    Adrian Slack hybrid as well as other intriguing plants that are yet to be discovered

    in the fields.

    Guys, I am just trying to find out if there is someone out there in the CP world who

    would consider a job opportunity like this one. You would be living about 20 miles

    from Foley, Alabama and not much further to the beaches of the Gulf Coast.

    Do shoot me a private reply if you think my request is within the realm of possibility

    for someone to consider. This is just a preliminary announcement to find out if there

    is interest for this type of employment opportunity for someone within the ICPS


    Bob Hanrahan/

    Carnivorous Plantation
    All the best,
    You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

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    (with Pics)

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    I would if it wasn't 5 hours and 26 min. away from me. What does he mean by "I
    am considering combining our Georgia activities"

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