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Thread: My new pet! ^.^

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    ! I'll post some pics so someone can ID him for me I'm thining p. Regius but not sure. And ya I saw hisfangs. Tiny but bigger than I thought. Not planning on holding him
    Unless someone happens to be familiar with the spider (or you have good luck and it is easily IDed), it'll be tough to ID beyond family. Post some pics though and I can probably at least give you a general age and gender (assuming it's not a juvenile).

    While Salticids (jumping spiders) don't make a catching web, like all other spiders they do spin silk. You'll notice that it'll probably make a hide out of silk at some point. If in a large enough container you may notice it do some really cool acrobatics involving using an anchor line (dropped before jumping) and modifying their trajectory.

    If you have the ability, you should try to look at the chelicerae (the little appendages on the front of the spider's face that hold the fangs) as in a number of Salticids these can be really cool shimmering/metallic colours.

    My experience with jumping spiders is that they're a very docile spider, and rarely, if ever prone to bite. They're a lot of fun and my far mt favorite spiders. Congratulations on getting over you fear.
    Same here, Salticids are definitely my favorite.
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