Hi all,
As spring is in full force, the 3 huge ash trees by our house have finally unfurled their leaves fully.
I now need to decide where to move my plants, and advice is needed.

Option 1:
I keep my plants where they are. Where they are now receives sunlight filtered through the trees from 5:30am to about 11:30 am, with another 3 hours of direct sunlight afterwards. Altogether, 9 hours of sunlight, of a kind. Also, to state the obvious: it's east facing.

Option 2:
I move everything to the other side of the house (west), which gets around 5-6 hours of direct sun at this time of year. However, it isn't quite as easy to get to, so it's a bit of a pain in that respect. It is also more exposed, so I have to weight everything down to stop everything being blown over, plus, in Winter I have to move everything back to the east side because of this and the fact that due to my longitude, the sun doesn't really go above the hill we live on, so there is no sunlight. :/

I realise that either way it's not the ideal amount of sunlight, but it's as much as I can offer. It's annoying, because only a month ago I had around 7-8 hours of direct sun, and if it weren't for the ash trees, I would be getting 11 hours of sun on them every day at the height of Summer.

Anyway, which place do you think would be best? More sunlight overall, although majority of it being weak, or fewer hours of more direct sunlight.

Thanks for reading!