for san fran..
I plan on being in San Fran in a month, June 20 through the BACPS meet. When I fly in around the 20th, I want to go north to go check out some Darlingtonia - if you want to come along, PM me. I'll pay for the rental car, I'll dry, and I'll pay for gas... but I won't pay for your hotel stays! After checking the Darlingtonia out, or maybe before if that's how it works out, I'd absolutely *love* to drop by anyone's house that has a collection to check things out if you'd let me in. If you need references that I'll behave and like, not steal your stuff and whatnot, I can send you some people's names who can probably vouch for me. Or if you want to vouch for me and answer in this thread you can

I want to think about hitting up Peter's nursery too while I'm already up there, and maybe some flower shows or botanical gardens too while I'm hanging around.

So if you're up for a week long or maybe just a couple days field trip, answer here or PM me.. and if I've never met you before I may need someone to vouch for you, but maybe get them to post here too

as for the South
I'll be in/around North Carolina the following week, and don't have plans yet other than touring some VFT sites July 1st/2nd, so if you're around the South and have some time and want to hit up some botanical gardens, wild sites (I don't know any, but if you do that would be awesome!), or anything else really cool.. post here or PM me! Of course, I could always head up toward New England seeing as how North Carolina isn't toooo far south. Same goes for car rental and gas, and hotel as above.