one of my N.truncata has grown to a size that is shading half of my windowsill plant and i think its ready to take on some more hardy temperature, which is outside in a shady porch. so I repotted it into a 12 inch diameter wide 18 inch tall pot. so the soil don;t dry out more quickly and can provide very teeny tiny more humidity. and i thought everything was all cool.
all cool until next day morning. i was surprised how quickly this plant lure ants, the whole plant became an ant city with unlimited supply of sweet nector. I was expecting the pitcher gonna fill up with ants by evening. but NOOOO the ants are smart they likes the nector on the leave stem.
there are no sign of any health impact on the plant but i m afraid the ants will make a nest in the pot.. and I don't think I want them there. ... everr.... has anyone encounter with this kind of problem before?

I used a big tray fill with water and placed the pot in the middle so no more ants could get to the pot. unless they know how to swim... is there any permanent way to stop them?