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Thread: Building a cool growing chamber in the future.

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    Building a cool growing chamber in the future.

    I have seen a cool growing chanber done years ago where a guy used a freezer onthe bottome to cool the tank as needed. I want to do that but on a larger scale. I want to build a med/large workshop and use an entire wall to make a cool growing chamber. Prolly 8-10 foot long and 3-4 foot deep. I plan on lighting it with banks of t5 lights. The back wall will be similated rock face with drift wood branches extending from it. Built in irrigation lines to water plants and misters for humidity. Glass on the top in two layers to create an air gap that will have the air circulated through to under the workshop to keep the t5's from heating the grow area too much. Glass front to see through but can be opened to manipulate plants and trim when needed. Then a freezer or AC unit to keep the temps 80 during the day then 45/50's at night. for those cool growing plants I love. The bottom of the tank will be about 4' off the groung maybe 3' to accomidate the pumps for irrigation tanks and storage of balist and anuthing else needed like power strips and things.

    Has anyone asked what would work best before or done smoething similar? I am mainly asking about the cooling aspect because i know i can add as many t5 lights as needed to get the right light.

    This has been a day dream of mine for YEARS!!! Proly a few more years away from even starting but it will be SO AWESOME once growing! I just love masdi's and the cool growing picky nepenthes!! Plus other cool growing tereium type ferns and plants.
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    JB, I am sure a lot of us share this sort of dream!

    I guess I am doing this on a micro-scale, as I can't possibly do such a large operation like that at the moment, or in the next 5 years. I will say that an AC window unit is going to be likely your best bet at cooling the system. I have been struggling with cooling on my tank for a while now, and if you can set up an actual AC unit, you'll be much better off.

    Here is a picture of my highland tank:
    The whole set up is cooled by cooling the water which drips through the back wall and down the waterfall.

    Eventually I plan to finish out the clay wall on the left side, and add another branch and grow area on that side.

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