I'm currently in Oz visiting family with my parents, and I am hoping to see some plants in habitat. Sadly, I'm on the mid-east coast in the Ballina area, NSW near the border of QLD, so only the more common plants like D. binata, D. spatulata and D. peltata are around here (or so I think). I was hoping that I would just come across some due to the moist soil in the area, but no such luck. Do any Ozzies in the forum live nearby and know of anywhere where I can see them in the wild? I guess I'll be able to see the peltata due to the time of year too!

I was briefly in Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef (it was absolutely amazing btw ) and visited the rain-forests there too, bit didn't see any N. mirabilis either. On the bright side, I do have loads of rain-forest pics, which I will put up when I get back to England.

Thanks a million for reading!