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Thread: Selling my Deadmau5 tickets :(

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    Selling my Deadmau5 tickets :(

    Hi, just wanted to give anyone interested a heads up.
    Sadly, I won't be able to afford the trip to Seattle this next month, so I'm selling my Deadmau5 tickets for the show on 8/18/11.

    I need to get monies to pay off bills and rent and all that great stuff, plus I gotta eat, so this trip I've been planning for months is a no-go. I'm crushed. :<

    If you or anyone you know is interested, the tix are for sale @
    Also note that they are MUCH cheaper then the others.

    I just really don't want them to go to waste, because it'll probably be an awesome show.
    That I won't be at.

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    Awww! I am sorry to hear about your disappointment!

    I can't make it to Seattle either, or I would consider it. But hey look at it this way: at least you will be able to continue surviving and you will save a little bit of your hearing in the process.

    Good luck!
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