Hello, my name is Ryan and I'm one of the co-founders of this club. we held our first meeting last night and got a pretty good turn out of 16 people, ranging from master gardeners and a horticulturalist at the botanical gardens, to people who have yet to start collecting but are interested in CPs. I meant to make a thread about the club to advertise it, but Kenny is much better at the whole PR thing than I am (he's the one in the video link). So I was quite surprised/happy to see this thread already existed!

We definitely don't claim to be experts with carnivorous plants (we've only been growing for about 3 years), but we wanted to get people together who share this interest so that we could all share our experiences and learn from each other. And as a little thank you for all who attended, we gave away small pots of D. nidiformis that I grew from seeds I received from this forum (From chibae last summer I do believe).

Here's a link to our facebook page if anyone is interested. We should have our meeting minutes posted later this evening, and next month's meeting details will be posted...once we figure them out (probably by the end of the week)


Oh and our email address is wnycpclub@aol.com (kenny is the only person I know who uses still aol).

@jimscott - Kenny graduated from UB 2 years ago, and I'm currently attending. He works at the aquarium of niagara now and I work at Menne nursery, where I got my first CP that I didn't kill =D