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Thread: speak up America

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    I know, 40 years, really?

    Wow that would be really impressive!

    I don't even really have faith that the human species can go that long without collapsing, much less our ridiculous American circus that sits at the top.

    But hey, I hope you're right.
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    The president with his toadies and familiars, appears on television from a bunker 500 feet down in solid rock. Loaded with enough cash, coke and heroin to last 100 years. He flashes a boyish smile and runs a comb through his unruly abundant hair. Looking straight into the camera he gives the American people the finger, "I've got mine screw you it's every crumb for himself!"

    -William S Burroughs 1968

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    while you guys are fired up bout writing your senators and reps in DC you should prolly add this to your list of your complaints....if they drop these exceptions your price of food will go up and it will also affect alot of ppl that like riding horse for recreation cause if your family is hauling horses for a trail ride over a weekend your likely pulling a stock trailer over 16 feet....

    Tractors lumbering down country roads are as common as deer in rural Montana, but the federal government wants to place new driving regulations on farmers and ranchers.

    "It's a huge deal for us," said John Youngberg of the Montana Farm Bureau. After years of allowing state governments to waive commercial driver's license requirements for farmers hauling crops or driving farm equipment on public roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is poised to do away with the exceptions.

    Regulators are suggesting that all wheat shipments be considered interstate, even when farmers making short hauls to local grain elevators aren't crossing state lines. The change would make commercial driver's licenses — and all the log books and medical requirements that go with them — a necessity for farmers. Some might not qualify.

    The licenses would also be required of farmers driving farm equipment down public roads. Farmers hauling grain for a neighbor or landlord would be considered commercial drivers hauling for someone else.

    Ranchers hauling livestock in trailers as small as 16 feet would also be subject to the new rules.

    But before finalizing the proposed changes, FMCSA is accepting public comment. It originally allowed 30 days for public input last May. Then 18 U.S. senators prodded by farm groups asked that the public be given more time. Comments are now being taken until Aug. 1.

    In a cautionary letter, Rep. Dennny Rehberg, R-Mont., told FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro to drop the regulations.

    "Under your proposal, tractors, combines and pickup trucks hauling trailers would be regulated as commercial vehicles," Rehberg wrote. "Producers who operate these vehicles would be required to obtain commercial driver's licenses, medical cards and log their hours as if they were long-haul truck drivers."

    Traditionally, farmers driving farm machinery have been exempt from commercial driver's licenses, as have farmers hauling wheat, provided they didn't cross state lines and traveled no farther than 150 air miles to the elevator.

    "When you haul a commodity 150 miles, it just doesn't make sense to have a commercial driver's license," Youngberg said.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says it wants to make sure federal safety regulations are being carried out uniformly across the nation. According to FMCSA, some states have been asking the administration to clarify rules on grain trucking, farm equipment and trucking for someone else. The reasons behind those questions are numerous.

    Dana Peterson, National Association of Wheat Growers executive officer, said farm equipment on public roads has become an issue in urban areas, while the other two trucking issues have been sticking points with FMCSA.

    "That's been the interpretation of the agency for several years now," Peterson said of the interstate rule for grain. "But it hasn't been interpreted that way in all the states."

    FMCSA argues that because grain will ultimately be shipped out of state, it should be regulated as an interstate product at every transportation step. Treated as a product destined to cross state lines, grain becomes federally regulated under the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

    If a farmer's trip to the local elevator is viewed as an intrastate transaction, then public safety becomes the main issue and the state has final say. Officials with the Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Department of Agriculture confirmed last week that they have not responded to federal requests for public comment about the proposed changes.

    The argument that grain ultimately leaves the state seems to have Montana in mind. Roughly 80 percent of Montana wheat is shipped to other countries, said Lola Raska, of the Montana Grain Growers Association. However, once farmers unload their trucks at the local elevator and collect payment, their end of the business transaction is over.

    In Montana, the conflicts between federal and state handling of farm freight have been minimal. That hasn't been the case in states where commodities cross state lines more often.

    In Oregon, farmers along the Columbia River often raise crops on the Washington side of the river as well. Farmers there have similar business arrangements in Idaho, said Shawn Cleave, government affairs specialist with the Oregon Farm Bureau. Crossing the state line has required farmers there to get commercial licenses, or at least that's what the Oregon Farm Bureau has encouraged them to do.

    The bigger issue in the federal proposal is whether commercial driver's licenses are required for farmers in crop-sharing agreements involving leased farmland where everyone has a stake in the crop's sale.

    Oregon's farmers are getting older. Their average age is 60, just slightly older than Montana's average farmer. As those farmers get older, it becomes more likely that they'll partner with younger farmers to get crops on their land. Commercial driver's licenses are likely to be a must for the younger farmers in the partnership, Cleave said.

    Contact Tom Lutey at or 657-1288

    Read more:
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    Today... over a month later... I got a form letter back that had nothing to do with what I sent them. They even signed it "Barack Obama".
    Formerly known as Silenceisgod!

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    40 years is indeed optimistic!
    I think things are already failing, right before our very eyes!
    A couple years with more natural disasters, bad weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, quakes and so on, and there won't be any aid available.

    I don't have any problem with aid to legal Americans...
    it is the money we send other nations that I think is harmful.
    We go to war with a country, then send them millions, billions or more to rebuild! What is that all about?

    Remember, Social Security is something we all paid into, and in most cases deserve to get legitimate aid in return for the money we paid in, over the years we worked. Social Security is NOT a tax!
    (I have no problem at all with legitimate claims for Social Security, but have no respect for the lazy, low-life leaches, those who never bothered to work more than a few years, then hurt themselves doing something reckless & ignorant, or made other claims for not being able to work... running out to collect disability as soon as they could... or found some other way [like having a few kids you couldn't afford] to fleece the system for a free ride.
    Social Security was NOT designed so people could sit around and make excuses for being lazy & leaching off the hard work of others.
    But many people paid into it thru a lifetime of working, and I have no problem with their using it when actually needed. As I said, Social Security payments are NOT a tax, but it is a system that has been abused!

    IMO, senior citizens are not the problem, for [the legitimate] they paid into S.S. & working until retirement age, deserve what they get. And as for [the legitimate] on welfare, I would include those who possibly lost their homes in a recent hurricane, flood, earthquake, or who lost their job & couldn't find another in this economy. But I do expect them to not give up, but to keep trying. Welfare is not meant to be a way of life, but an opportunity for some people to get back on their feet & walk again!

    But NOT legitimate again, are the people who are too freakin' lazy to work, who expet others to pay for it when they pump out a few kids (especially more than once!) who can't afford it, or live life foolishly, recklessly hurt themselves, foolishly throw their money away, or in general are just plain lazy & stupid. I do NOT think they should be collecting a dime from anyone.

    But even with these issues the government faces, I believe you take care of your own family & house first, before you start helping others out. Feed your own children before you feed the neighbors.
    If we can afford to send millions & billions to other nations, and yet not have enough money to take care of our own nation, then something is seriously wrong! To raise taxes & increase the burden on workers in our own country, only to give that money to foreign countries is just not right! (Most people in other countries hate Americans anyway, so why are we paying them? DO you think we will see any aid from anyone when we get hit with a disaster?) Indeed something is seriously wrong! To me it is the person making the decision to send the money there & not keeping it here, where it is needed!

    On a side note, It amazes me that in previous generations our country & its people could build up this nation, its infrastructure, a strong economy, and to make this nation one of the most powerful on the planet. Yet a few generations later, in a short number of years... we have run it into the ground!

    Here we once lived in a country where we were told to not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! But now, in this day & age, we seem to have a majority of "self deserving" people, who feel they deserve things without having to work (or fight) for them.
    (Did I mention the self-centered low-life types who feel they deserve to have a free ride while other people have to work to support them? Talk about the height of self-deserving! First they freeload off mom & dad, or their grandparents, then they move on to the government & taxpayers.)
    We let people come into this country & immediately find out what they can get for free from our government programs.
    But again, aside from the abuse we suffer from within, our politicians make deals & hence get into giving grants & spending money recklessly. We have allowed our government to run free-handed-ly, with little or no checks and bounds. They operate as an entity separate from the rest of us. We are not governed by the people & for the people any longer.

    We were able to build a great nation with what taxes we had, and to create new ones & ways to tax people is NOT the solution! You patch the holes in a bucket BEFORE pouring more water in it! MORE water ($taxes) is NOT the answer!

    Thanks AV, for I could certainly enjoy writing a few of the "elite" my thoughts! Not that anyone will even read any of it. The government stopped listening to logic years ago. (Even in our local politics, when faced with logic & reason, we found they had "another & hidden" agenda, and couldn't care less about anyone's opinion. If it didn't benefit them (themselves), they had no interest.
    Why do you think they call it politics!

    Keep in mind, other civilizations near as great as our own, have risen & fallen also. History is full of them. To think it can't happen to us, here & now (or soon) it totally foolish, ignorant & arrogant. Wake up kiddies... the writing is on the wall!

    Good luck all! You're gonna need it!

    (Okay AV, I am done blabbing to a bunch of plant growers... time to go talk to the man himself! Oh yea, if I disappear without a trace some day, at least you will know why!)
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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