About a month ago, I got back into the hobby. I usually always lose interest over winter, I'm not sure why. I lost a few plants, even an N. Ventricosa, which surprised me. Veitchii Pink, Burbidgeae x Eddie, and Hamata x Platy are all recovering.
The setup:


Ping Trays and U Longifolia

Look what I found growing in my ping tray! (Spaghnum)

Miranda, pitchering for the first time (moving everything downstairs was a great idea)


Maxima x Truncata


Lowii x Campy

Truncata 'Paisan'

Left side:

Right Side:

Bottom, with a Nep from Mass (I still have it unlabeled, but the name's on the bag. I'm just too lazy to check right now), sanguinea, adelae, ditchoma giant, and a barely visible Eff Koto