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Thread: Dragonfly question

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    Dragonfly question

    Hi all. All summer long one of my front gardens, the one which has a barrel bog, some mini-bogs and flowers has been the hunting ground of an immense hoard of male Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia) dragonflies.

    I klnow that they are there feeding off of the insects attratced by the plants but one thing has me wondering, where are the girls

    I live in a critical wetlands area, so it may be safe to assume that the girls stay down by the marshland and creek across the street from me. Is it usual to have hugh flocks (if that is the right word) of males hanging out together at the bug bars or does my garden have a special 'jena se qua' that i can't stripper damselflies hidden among the flowers?
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    allways a mystery for me, dragonfly's and damselfly's.
    Each fall we get a large migration of dragons here on the South Coast of Oregon. It seems as if they are coming right off the ocean! They fill the air and can take over an hour for all to pass through. Very interesting, and cool to watch.
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