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Thread: Easy Origami Envelope - Only needs paper.

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    Post Easy Origami Envelope - Only needs paper.

    Hey guys. I was checking youtube for envelopes and i found this guy teaching an really easy one that you can make in less than 1 minute, and i wanted to share it with you. All you need is a square paper and nothing else.

    Here is the tutorial teaching it:

    I know there is another envelope tutorial here, but i think this one is much easier.

    Hope you can use this any day, Fieldz.
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    Neat, but it doesn't look very secure.
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    Here's my version, which is secure for seeds

    Here's a guide to making a folded, non-glue or tape, seed envelope. The construction can take a fair bit of abuse without falling apart. It also has the advantage of being customisable to the size required, within reason. I cannot take the credit for this as I believe that this design has been used on spice markets for a very long time. I recommend that you practice making an empty one first, prior to making one containing seed.

    1. Place a square or rectangular sheet of paper on a flat surface. For the purpose of this guide I have used a square note (9cm x 9cm) which is a good size for small seeds:

    2. Fold the paper approximately 1cm from below the centre line, to allow for a 1cm flap at the top:

    3. Fold the flap at the top down:

    4. Turn the paper over, so that the flap is now facing the table, at the top:

    5. Fold the top right corner down diagonally to form a triangle:

    6. Fold the bottom right corner up diagonally to form another triangle:

    7. Tuck the bottom right corner triangle under the flap:

    8. Write the seed name on the opposite side of the envelope.

    9. Add seeds to the open (left) end:

    10. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 but for the left corners.

    11. This final step isn't really necessary for the integrity of the envelope, but it tidies things up a little. Fold the little outwards facing triangles, which have formed at the bottom of the flap, underneath the flap:

    11. Voilą:

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