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We have members (pyro, tony...et. al.,) who have had their plants stolen,
Sometimes the thief was selective and getting only the best plants.

You gotta figure it was another member, or at the very least someone who visits TF
Sad, but that is why I havent included myself in the TF google map thingy
Years ago a friend of mine who owned one of the oldest nurseries in the US related the following to me: he used to give visitors to his nursery personal tours, and often showed these guests some of the newest, most valued varieties-in-development, to illustrate where the cutting edge of breeding was going. (not carnivores, a different ornamental genus entirely) Several times, very valuable and unique plants would magically go missing from the nursery the very next night after they were shown to a guest. Trusting to a fault, he eventually realized it would be best if he not show off especially valuable plants to people he didn't have an established relationship with, because the risk of theft was all too possible, even when dealing face to face with folks who appeared to be honest, trustworthy people.

Also from the same nursery: they sometimes sold off culled seedlings from their breeding program for like a dollar a plant, and one customer (female) would regularly buy these. However, what she would do was get a big empty tray, then pick out half a dozen of these cheapie seedlings-for-sale, then go around the rest of the nursery and pick out much more $$$ named varieties, pull their identifying tags out, and load up here tray with these. She would cash out with her loot and claim they were all the discount seedlings, thus reducing her costs from $6. (or more) per plant to a dollar each! I was told she did this several times and although the staff were aware she was doing it, they could never actually catch her in the process.

So, sadly not everyone who loves horticulture is by default an honest, kind person. Fortunately the corrupt ones are few and far between, but a single bad experience can leave a remarkably lasting bad taste in ones mouth