This is William - Tamlin's - wife and I am writing on his behalf since he is not able to. Please excuse the generalness of this but I am trying to reach as many of his friends as quickly as possible. This is taken directly from his writing to me...

"Dear Friends,
I hope some of you will remember me -- William Tamlin Dawnstar. If Iíve ever done you a favor, entertained you, shared with you or taught you, you know I never asked for much but I sure could use a kind word now.
Iím in prison awaiting sentencing for a victimless 'crime,' and your kind word will have a bearing on the length of my sentence.
Please help me convince the Federal Judge that I am a good man, from your experience."

I am asking that you personally send a letter to the judge hearing this case attesting to William's good character and how you know him. Personal anecdotes are helpful. I don't want to put words in your mouth but what we're looking for here is stuff like 'reliable, good man, generous, scholarly, hard working, gentleman' - or whatever you feel fits. If you absolutely need details of his 'crime' you may write to me, otherwise suffice it to say it was an international indiscretion, thus the federal charges. You do not need to refer to it in your letter. We are trying to impress the judge with his character and connections. This is no time to be humble so please use your credentials, return address, etc. I'm sure you realize a paper letter with a human signature has much more impact than an email. (I am even willing to reimburse you the stamp!) Please send the letters to his lawyer and she will present them to the judge:

Ms. Melissa Tuohey, Esq.
Office of the Federal Public Defender, Syracuse Office
4 Clinton Square, Third Floor, Syracuse, NY 13202

but you could also email Ms. Tuohey. Her email is Please don't put her off by flooding her with petty emails. This is serious! If you care to, you can send me an electronic copy. This is so important! Incredible as it may seem, this may make the difference for him spending 5 or up to 20 years in a federal prison for this first time offense! And you must know that he has never harmed anyone and has only tried to help people. All of a sudden time is of the essence!

In your letter, this is how you would address the judge:
The Honorable Glenn T. Suddaby, Judge, United States District Court.
And the salutation thusly: Dear Judge Suddaby.
I hope she gets a pile of letters she can plop down on the judge's desk.

I have access to William/Tamlin's email & facebook page but not his memory nor his account here. If you know of someone who may not know of this situation, please pass it on.
Please help us.