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Thread: the eye is the sky was wrong lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig View Post
    I dunno. I tried to shoot down a conspiracy theory with a different one (twice, actually), but it just seemed to get people more fired up. Guess it's not so easy to fight illogic with illogic...

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    And I think you neglect logic. It is not as complicated as you think. The one wall of the pentagon was reinforced to take a missile strike, And that was the only wall completed. It was week away from being announced. The plane would have gotten deeper into the structure otherwise. The would have been marks or something from the two jet turbines Instead one hole. You would have found tail structure or something. There was a piece of nose cone found. One I don't believe came from the plane. It would have been one of the first parts destroyed.

    FD you are sadly confused now. The renovation to withstand a missile strike/terrorist attack was started in 1991. Not when it was built.

    The towers were designed to withstand a 707 fully loaded hit.

    Do yourself a favor and watch the video "Loose Change"

    And there were no bodies recovered in Shanksville. Nor any meaningful plane parts. Also there was plane parts found 8 miles away. Doesn't make sense if the plane went down in that one spot.

    Also everyone fails to see this, but The Air force is trained to intercept aircraft in a moments notice. Why was it no plane was intercepted by F16's? There was plenty of time for a response after the two WTC planes hit.

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    Believe what you want. I listened to the liberals in college. Disagreed with most of what they said. Also it is easy for the few up top to orchestrate something of this nature. They have done it in the past. The CIA runs drugs to pay for its clandestine activities. They have operatives all over the world. They started google. Why do you think it now has the ability to track anyone and look down on you from the sky. Super computers to pick up on key words from cell calls. TWC was just a drop[ in the bucket for all that has been perpetrated by our government. It is not transparent and never will be till something better in put in its place. Our country is a far cry from what our founding fathers envisioned. It is very very sad, and no wonder to me why we are not liked in the rest of the world.
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