Outdoor growing is the best,
especially with el'natural sunshine!

It was wise of you to protect them from the sun in the beginning,
as it makes their transition a bit easier for them.
Many times I have just put plants out without any slow introduction to new conditions,
but then I ended up with burnt leaves. Not a real issue as new ones take their place,
however indeed when I do have the time, I will put a temporary shade over them.
(It has always been the correct, "classic" way of doing things to get plants off to a good start.)
I do feel it best for the plant to allow the existing leaves to do their job collecting light,
instead of wasting what is there & making the plants produce new ones right away.
If done right, hardly any leaves will get burned at all, and the plants will grow on from there.

Once your plants get acclimated, you should be able to remove the shade-cloth entirely,
and let the full sun shine upon them! That is when they should really take off & grow nicely!

Nice Job!