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Thread: Interesting Non-CP plants I can ask for for Christmas?

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    Sensitive plants - Mimosa pudica are somewhat interesting.
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    Get some Amorphophallus bulbs on ebay, they can be had for next to nothing nowadays.
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    Oh yea i atually want to get a sensitive plant! Been meaning to get one of those for a long time.

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    PassionVine/Passion Flower

    Interesting flowers, & many should be perrennial in your area.
    (Assume from your post you are wanting something for the outdoors.)

    Could try gigantic veggys, like massively huge pumpkins & such.
    Or maybe some things not quite so hardy but interesting, like cotton plants,
    something tropical like a bananas or Plumeria (common name Frangipani), cacti (which actually flower nicely), or giant Redwood burls perhaps?

    How about a mushroom growing kit?
    Or if you are really bored...
    a packet of instant Triops or Sea Monkeys!

    I have had a few of these things when I was young, and they are interesting to say the least.
    (Although many were not even available, back when I was a kid.)
    In fact there's a lot of interesting garbage... er... gifts out there, just use your imagination!
    Yea some things are a bit silly, but there is a lot to learn & experience in raising,growing & caring for even the simplest of living things.

    Good luck with your choosing!

    By the way, Mimosa Pudica (Sensitive Plants) will not survive the winter, however they may seed themselves & return on their own the following year. They do get a bit "insensitive" when growing outdoors, as the repeated winds & movement make them somewhat unresponsive. I have also noticed them producing some vicious pointed spikes when grown very large, but they are super easy to grow & reseed generously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mass View Post
    I didn't know there were interesting NON-CP plants out there.
    Lots and lots of them!

    Quote Originally Posted by DavyJones View Post
    Get a Christmas.... errr.... Holiday Cactus. I hate being PC.
    That's why I generally don't bother.

    While not edible (with few exceptions), orchids are my fav. Though I would recommend not going the seed route there.

    Also not edible but cool -- members of the Stapelia family (including Huernia), and Myrmecophytes.

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