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Thread: Petco white freshwater aquarium sand

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    Petco white freshwater aquarium sand

    My local Petcos sells this so called "white aquarium sand" for freshwater aquariums.

    The particles of sand are larger than play sand (~2 - 3mm).
    I have recently purchased small amount to test.
    Sand does not change pH of water (checked with pH strips).
    There was no reaction with acid (I did not expect it would but checked anyway).
    After three days in water the TDS reading was 3ppm.

    What I find strange is that the particles of this sand do not resemble those of quartz/silica sand.
    They look very similar to fine perlite, but at the same time have sharp edges. The surface of the particles looks as if it is porous.
    When the container with the sand was filled with water large number of particles floated.
    I have never seen coarse sand do this.
    Clerks and manager at the store where I purchased this sand had no idea whether it was silica sand or something else.

    I have currently setup 4 pots for pygmy drosera filled with the mix based on this sand. So far nothing to suggest it is harmful to the plants.

    I would like to find out whether anyone else tried this sand as part of the CP mix for sundews and if anyone knows what it really is.

    Thank you.
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