My parents never let me have one when i was a kid. i think that explains a lot.

these are all heavily modified crosman air pistols. Either from DIY mods or after-market parts purchased from ebay and members of some airgun forums i belong to, or directly from the crosman company.

left to right

benjamin 397
benjamin 392
crosman 2240
crosman 760
crosman 1377

they are all variable pump guns except for the 2240 which uses co2 cartridges and i plan on converting it to use a 3000psi paintball tank

heres an interesting project i had going for a while. i tapped into the valve and connected a pressure gauge and 24gram co2 cartridge to add a huge amount of volume to the valve. now instead of taking 20 pumps to reach 1500psi (and one shot) i could pump it 400 times to 1500psi and get 10 powerful shots and still have 1000psi left, or just charge it fully, shoot once and pump 20 times to keep it fully charged....

it was fun building it.. not so much fun pumping it. I scrapped it and cannibalized it for parts...

well thats it for now. there's a lot more to it that but I just wanted to share with you all one of my other hobbies i enjoy so much