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Thread: When to Pot?

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    When to Pot?

    I started some pineapple plants back in December, my original reason for setting up a greenhouse. Neps were gonna be filler plants but I decided I liked neps more.

    The ones I planted in soil rotted, so I need to transfer this one to a pot of potting mix, but I'm not sure when to do it. When is the best time put a "cutting" into soil, and how should I go about doing this?

    Here's the plant in question. The roots just started growing a few weeks ago.

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    I'd let the roots get at least 2 inches. Some prefer to pot early as the roots developing in water aren't as strong ad those that grow in soil, but I've seen people do well with letting it get much much longer. I noticed you twisted of the top but left what looks like the tip of fruit. I caution that it contains a lot of sugar of the fruit and planting it like that invites a lot of problems with mold, fungus, bugs, etc. They also like very big pots as they can get quite large in size. Good luck. Fun to grow, just don't expect the same size fruit to be produced

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