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Thread: Mucked up spray paint can

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    Mucked up spray paint can

    I had purchased a can of spray paint and later decided to use it on a project. The cans contents was tip top, thought the nozzle clogged repeatedly, working each time for less than a second. I got in touch with the maker, and they agreed to send me a few nozzles. They arrived in an envelope looking like this.
    Even though the envelppe was torn open, there were three nozzles inside. They had asked me in an email what color they were, and I told them red, with a flared base. I mentioned that I thought these might not be the right ones. I don't remember if I told them the envelope was mangled on arrival. Then I got this in the mail.

    I am thinking I won't be wanting for nozzles ever again.

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    At least we all know where you live now!

    (might wanna photoshop out your street address at least)

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