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Thread: Colony Collapse Disorder and pesticide

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    Colony Collapse Disorder and pesticide

    Just thought that would be interesting since it mentions one of the popular pesticides many of us have used

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    You aren't even supposed to use that stuff on corn to begin with....but they do use it on flowers......hmmm
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    Nice catch. I had heard about this a while back, but didn't hear at that time which chemicals/insecticides were the cause.
    Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide which means it goes into the entire system of the plant that is being treated. I have always been concerned about using it on plants that were being polinated, as I figured something like this would occur. But I really didn't realize it was used in farming! (I was under the belief as Exo mentioned.)
    This stuff has a narrow application of safe use, and using it in farming is at the opposite end of the scale of "safe use"! WOW!

    I myself have used this insecticide at times, usually with plants grown indoors. I have also used it a few times for certain insects like borers, which get into a plant & can't be killed off using regular "on contact" type of control. For those gardeners/nurserymen who can remember, or for those who have an old gardening book, the old way of controlling borers & such was arsenic! You'd pour it into the borer hole!
    (If I remember right Imidacloprid was first found (in the retail market) in a product for roses. Roses of all things! Big yummy flowers to attract bees!)

    The "powers that be" are so ignorant when it comes to things like this. If you look into the plant/farming industry deeper, you will find that things are even worse than you ever thought possible.
    The entire state of things is a very sad situation for us all.
    Here again as always, we create something with potential dangers, use it haphazardly or incorrectly, and then blame the thing created.
    I don't know that there are many uses left for this product now, except for indoor plants perhaps. I do hope the industry takes this off the market, especially for farming, where most of its use is concentrated. (I didn't realize it was used in farming, as I saw its potential for great danger! Wow! How stupid can the industry be!)

    I hope people can learn to like the taste of Soilent Green!
    We are well on our way to that end.
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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