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Thread: Happy ZombieJesus Day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlookup View Post

    Think you missed the point of my story a bit. It was meant to express that things can be perceived by people in different ways depending on scenario and context and perhaps familiarity with a person. I wasn't making an analogy of racism to the title.

    I don't think I was telling anyone they didn't have a right to believe what they wanted. I just didn't like the tone people were taking to defend the thread. Many seemed to suggest people were wrong for feeling insulted and told to lighten up. I fail to see how their right to feel and believe what they believe is any different than your attitude towards the right of the thread to stay up at the moment.

    In any case, feel free to believe what ever you like. As I stated, its your right and I'm not here to tell you otherwise.
    Well, no matter who says a racist term, friend or not, I'm going to think it's offensive and racist. So I guess I missed the point.

    I just feel like when someone makes fun of what I believe, it only makes my belief stronger, and I laugh at those who laugh at me. Because it iis unfair to ask people to stop. Because, really, you are asking someone to stop expressing their belief because yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sss View Post
    But if somebody posts some "witty pun about meaning of religious holiday", then that definitely doesn't belong here.
    So people who take religion light heartedly don't belong here? So people who don't believe in God don't belong here? Because those are likely the type to do that.

    Once again a failure of logic. America has free speech, and people can start screaming on the streets vulgar things about religion, does that mean religious people don't belong in America?
    Yes, you're right, they can. Just like people can post anything they want about religion on the internet. We don't ask them to stop, why? Because it's rude and unfair to ask people to stop doing something simply because you don't like it; no matter how offensive it is to your religion (which is specific to you).

    ehh.. I'm done playing devils advocate. I'm just trying to get people to see how it can be unfair to ask something to be taken down simply because you don't like it. If that's the case, then all religious posts should be removed, you might offend someone.

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    Happy Easter everyone, no matter how you chose to celebrate it. Thread closed for the sanity of the whole.

    However, I will remind all of our good readers that the rules here are to be nice. Free speech doesn't come in to play here. Many of us live in countries where free speech is protected, but this server is not any of those countries. We invite all to share their opinions in a civil manner. However, if those opinions (be they humorous, genuine, or anything between) are likely to cause disruption to the functioning of this community or its general well being, then we not only kindly ask but require that you not post them here. You agreed to the rules when you joined, and you agree to adhere to them every time you post here.
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