As for the ping (and my utric) they're indoors as I figured our outdoor conditions would be too harsh for them. Now that they look like they're starting to grow a tiny bit I may try putting a small light on them to see if that gets em growing a little better.

I didn't want to drop DJ's name without asking but that's where the plants came from and they were just PERFECT when they got here! Lots of wind and maybe a little bit more intense sunlight, yes, that's pretty much what I was thinking too. I rigged up a shield around half of it so that it can get sun but not so much wind (sticks and foil, gotta love it ). I'll keep watching it closely!

The others you sent me are doing wonderfully so far!! Dana's Delight is quickly growing several pitchers and the vft is busy growing all kinds of new traps. The Yellow Trumpet is growing more slowly but steadily and the Scarlet Belle seems determined to put out a flower. I snipped one off when it arrived and already had to snip another one! lol