My-Cat 'Got' Run-OVER LAST-Week: ... so-"I"m IN-The-Process of Going-Through OLD-Stuff from-When-"I"-'First' Had-R VHS-Camera &-Am Catching The-ODD Brief-Glimpse HERE-&-THERE Of My-Former WONDERBEAST & Loading-UP-DECADES-Old FOOTAGE to-Youtube as-"I"-GO so-to-Speak.

The-Above Is-R-Small Vignette Of The-GLID-Site Barely-Three-Minutes from My-House.


"I"ll-Be Loading-UP FIELD-Trips With-DONNY (The-'First' Is-R-Visit IN-Late [2001] to The Mount-Compass Wetlands-Boardwalk to-See Drosera-binata / VISITS Down To DONNY's First-@ The CORNISH-Avenue-Address ... &-Then-Later The VINE-Street-Abode Where He-Eventually Built His SWEDISH / SWISS-Roll Style Greenhouse Which Really-Was Groundbreaking IN-Its-Time so-to-Speak &-Something "I"-Wish-to Eventually Emulated / ACPS-SHOWS (NORTHAVEN) / ACPS-Meetings / R-Visit to AUGUST UP-IN-WHYALLA / R-Visit to FRED's [The-LATE Fred-HOWELL for-Those-of-You Who-Have ONLY 'Known'-Him IN-Name-ONLY so-to-Speak] Etc. Etc.


UNFORTUNATELY "I"-Was The-'One' to-Coin-The-TERM "SNAP"-Tentacle ... R-Term "I"-Don't-Like &-NEVER-Have ... Admittedly IN-The-Space-of ONLY-20-Minutes When ZIGGI Told-Me He-Wanted to-Call-Them CATAPULT-Tentacles Having 'Not'-INFORMED-Me of-The-Reason 'Behind' The-Term ... Since "I"-Had ONLY-'Seen' Ants-Being 'Flicked'-by Drosera-TRINVERVIA ... NEVER Drosera-GLANDULIGERA ... Because Of-Course It's-R-Momentarily-Thing &-You-'Just'-Have to-be-THERE to-Witness-it IN-Real-Time so-to-Speak ... Whereas TRINERVIA Moves-@-R 'Comfortably' Albeit Amazingly-Shocking Middle-Speed IE ~TEN-Times 'Faster' Than Either BURMANNII-or-SESSILIFOLIA ... But-'Still' An-Order-of-Magnitude Slower-than GLANDULIGERA That-"I"m Afraid-to-Say Is-'Still' 'Top'-DOG Even-TODAY so-to-Speak &=Probably Shall-Ever Will-be Considering It's Evolutionary-EPHEMERAL Lifestyle Compared-to-Other SUNDEWs With R-More subdued / Laid-'Bach' &-Leisurely Lifestyle so-to-Speak!!! >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Ha-Har

So-Basically "I"m-Hankering for-R-RETURN to The-Term RIBBON-Tentacles ... But With An-Associated Break-Down INTO Rankings of SPEED / Head-&-Continental-Shape

IE Neurodrosera-'Glanduligera': R-SUNDEW With BLITZSCHNELL (Lightning-Fast) RIBBON-Tentacles so-to-Speak ... but-of-Course Graphically You'd-Probably Graph-Them LOGARITHMICALLY Against Some-Form-of-Association With Michaelis-Mention Kinetics since We're-Dealing Most-likley with Heat-Stable-Enzymes That-Have Evolved-HERE Since GONDWANAN-Times so-to-Speak ... so-Can Operate-&-Perform Under-The-Most Stringent-of-Conditions of 45oC-Plus Towards-The-End of The Ephemeral-Growing-Season Near-CHRISTMAS [~First-Week IN-December CANNINGTON-Swamp Use to Dry-OUT].

So BURMANNII-&-SESSILIFOLIA Would Fit Temporally INTO One-Group @ one-End &-Cross-reference by CONTINENTAL 'SNAP'-Heads down teh-Other Margin With GLANDULIGERA @-The FAR-End IN-Australia-Land ALl-ON-Its-Lonesome so-to-Speak With TRINERVIA &-The-Other Recent Souph-Affy Disciveries Somewhere towards The-CENTRE so-to-Speak.

ANYWAY ... 'You' Work-ON-It ... "I"m Getting Too-OLD For-Fussing-&-Fighting MY-Friends Methinkst so-to-Speak ... "I"-'Just' Hope They 'Find' NERVES-or-MUSCLES In-it so "I"-Can Get-On With My-LIFE After-THIS Somewhat Near 40-Year 'Detour' so-to-Speak!!! >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<