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Thread: Voting for Plant of the Month June 2012 (pics and link)

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    Voting for Plant of the Month June 2012 (pics and link)

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Sarracenia (alata Black x flava Red)
    Quote Originally Posted by Heli View Post
    I thought I would enter my S. flava var. cuprea because I managed to get some much better pictures of it

    Quote Originally Posted by SirKristoff View Post
    How's about a monster... S. 'Doreens Colossus' next to my son

    Quote Originally Posted by RL7836 View Post
    Seems to be a month for Sarrs so I'll join that crowd ...

    S. flava "Kimber Red Ruffles"

    Quote Originally Posted by Av8tor1 View Post
    Heliamphora elongata x ionasii
    (Natural hybrid historically misidentified as H. ionasii)

    Quote Originally Posted by amphirion View Post
    throwing in a ping....
    pinguicula cyclosecta

    good luck everyone!
    The link for voting:

    Good Luck everyone!
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    Voted! Good luck peoples!

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