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Thread: Sunset and Rainbow in the Berkshires

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    Sunset and Rainbow in the Berkshires

    Yesterday I hiked to Pine Cobble, a nearby summit of the Berkshires. I left at about 6:45 and caught the sunset at 8:30. Here are some pictures. Photography suggestions are welcome. I haven't photoedited any of these pictures, so any suggestions there would also be welcome. In particular, I'd like to get rid of the sun's glare in some of the pictures.

    I got there at around 7:45.

    Upon reaching the summit, I saw sheets of rain coming my way, an ominous spectacle.

    As the storm approached, the sun struck the raindrops and flooded the entire valley with golden light.

    It's raining in this picture, though you can't really tell.

    After the rainstorm passed, I hiked over to the Northeastern face. There, stretching from horizon to horizon, was the fullest and most spectacular rainbow I have ever seen.

    You can see the rainstorm that I was in pouring from its raincloud. The moon, which you can see as a tiny pale-white dot on the left side of the frame, was situated at the exact middle of the arc.

    Meanwhile on the Southwest face, the sun was sinking lower...

    Taken with my camera's 10-second timer feature.

    The final light

    Twilight on the Purple Valley.

    The end. Thanks for looking!
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    Beauty at its finest.

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    Go meat!

    Nice pics. Looks great!

    EDIT: Derp... It's Hillshire Farms. Not Berkshire. /)_-

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